Redac - the MacOS app that makes redacting text in images easier

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About Redac

Redac is a macOS app that makes redacting information in images easier (and fancier soon).


  • Click on the text on the images to redact
  • Click and drag on the text to redact the text partially
  • Drag and drop to load images
  • Screenshot to capture the image
  • Save the result to a file, or copy it to a clipboard that is ready to Tweet


Redacting Customer names in Reviews

Redacting email address and name in the email

Redacting Git commit description

Redacting the sender name in Text Messages


  • Only available for MacOS currently
  • Requires macOS version 11.0+


Who was Redac built for?

Redac was built for anyone who wants to redact images quickly before sharing them to other people or on the internet. 

We should only share the part of the image that you want to share, and keep the sensitive information out.

Can the redacted text be restored?

No. The redacted text will be blocked, so it cannot be restored.

What is the minimum macOS version Redac can support?

macOS 11.0 and above

Is my data safe?

This little app does all the processing on your computer. Your original images stay on your computer, and will always do.

How does the app manage the screen capture data, including collection, use, disclosure, sharing, and retention of screen recording data?

One of the image import options is via screenshots.

The user can choose which window to screenshot. However, the data collected from screen capture stays on the user's computer. It does not send the data elsewhere.

Once the app quits, the screen-captured image will be erased from the memory, unless the user chooses to save the processed image to the hard drive or paste it to an editor.

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Redac - the MacOS app that makes redacting text in images easier

6 ratings
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