Know Your Numbers: Personal & Family Net Worth Tracker

A standalone spreadsheet to track your net worth and prepare for financial freedom.

Do you have a goal to achieve financial freedom someday? I bet you do. So, do you know how far you are from your goal? This is something that schools never teach.

Over the years, I built this business balance sheet-like spreadsheet, with the accounting skills I learned from runnning businesses. I was able to easily measure the gap between where I am and where I want to be. Understanding this gives me data to figure out where we can grow more, where we can save more, and how to allocate.

Don't neglect these numbers. Let them give you more insight into your financial situation, so you can act on it.


  1. Net Worth Tracker
  2. Net Worth Tracker with Example Data
  3. Financial Calculators, including a 401k calculator

All files are spreadsheets, which are downloadable and compatible with Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

Data Privacy

The product is a standalone spreadsheet in Excel format. Once it is downloaded, any data input is NOT shared with anyone or any server.

About Maker

Grace Huang is an ex-founder with a successful exit. She writes about startups, entrepreneurship, investing, software and hardware engineering, manufacturing, and lifelong learning. 

Check her Linkedin profile ( to learn more. Feel free to ask questions or drop a note on Twitter (

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Know Your Numbers: Personal & Family Net Worth Tracker

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